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Why Practical is Better than Cute

Trent Guillory

The Situation

We've all seen this play out before: mom purchases a cute teether since the little one is always chewing at her hands. Problem solved, right? Nope! As soon as you hand over the teether, a couple things could happen:

  1. Your 3 month old grows the strength of an olympian and throws your adorable teether across the room. (I'm may be exaggerating)
  2. Without the strength or care for the new toy, she drops it on the floor. 

Well, what now? In the title of this mini-article, I called this behavior "stubborn," however, it really is normal. Your child doesn't realize that he or she is making life hard by not accepting and holding onto your thoughtful gift. 

Relief in Sight, Right?

Today there are plenty of cute teething options on the market. Many of the most popular teethers look more like toys. I've seen the effect personally - these bright colors and fun shapes make it much more likely for children to keep using. Unfortunately, sometimes it's not enough. Or sometimes your child is just having none of it. This is where we get to our favorite solution.

The Solution

Our new glove teether solves this common problem by letting you strap your child's teether right to their hand! This cuts out the problem at its source. If your child wants to chew on their hands again, they'll happily find this satisfying teether in its place. The fit is comfortable so they're likely to forget they're even wearing it. Also, the satisfying crunching sounds it makes when chewed are sure to comfort as well.

I never knew how much peace of mind this one little item would bring with it. Whenever our son needs to stay entertained, or is in a serious chewing mood, we can slip on this glove. No need to worry about him dropping it. 

If you're interested in our baby glove teether, check it out hereIt has a 5-star rating and many find it useful - like over 1,000 parents in the last 30 days. 

Thanks for reading, we hope this short article was informative and helpful!