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Choosing the Right Teether

Should I just get the cheapest one?

What about the cute one?

Is there even a right choice in this madness anyway??

Well, if we break down the categories, it gets a lot easier to assess.

Cute Teethers

These teethers' main focus is to do just what it sounds like - keepin' things adorable. They're usually just fun shapes that are easy for your little one to hold on to. 

So when I should I buy one of these?

Typically, newborns are the ones who get the most out of this type of teether. They're fun to play with and easy to hold. Plus, you can often find a design that matches the other cute clothing you've bought or have been gifted. 

Specific-Use Teethers

Some teethers are designed with a very intentional use in mind. They can look a little funny (like glove teethers) but they often do their job well. 

When should I buy one of these?

If your child has a specific need or you need a teether for a specific situation, you should try to find a teether that solves your problem. As you know, there are a million and one options out there, and it's likely that there is one just for you.

Maturing Teethers

This category of teethers technically has a specific use, but there are so many of this type I thought I'd talk about them separately. You've probably seen this scenario before - your toddler wants to try out an adult spoon, but they handle it pretty awkwardly. Or, more likely, they just try to chew on it. 

Learning to use big-boy and big-girl silverware is a process every child has to go through, and it can seriously help to have some training wheels. 

This is when you should consider teethers made for the maturing process. 

Our Favorite

We've got one favorite teether that we think parents should consider. It's made just for your stubborn one. But who are we kidding, that's every kid... 

It's the Baby Glove Teether. This teether let's you slip a comfortable glove right onto your baby's hand and strap it tight - no more playing fetch with them. We do sell one right here on the site - you can see it below!


Whatever your needs, I'm positive you can find the perfect fit. Just so you know, we carry a few teethers right here on the site. It'd be silly for me to not at least mention them.

The Baby Glove, as I already said, is our favorite. Plenty moms have found it to be super useful.

Another is our Giraffe 3-in-1. It's basically the training wheels for using real spoons and forks. Your child can chew on it or use it as silverware.

Finally, our cutest and sweetest is the Personalized Bracelet Teether. It comes in multiple colors and allows you to type in your child's name!

Whether you find our teethers useful or not, I hope this guide helps bring some sense to what seems like endless options.